Paul Stanley Soul Station Interview – Audio Only

Paul Stanley has rocked KISS front & center over four decades. In 2016 he’s emerged as the lead singer of Paul Stanley’s Soul Station. Your about to hear about his childhood struggles, successes, work ethic. But mostly you’re gonna hear about Soul Station, a 13-piece tribute to Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, The Temptations, Al Green & The Jackson 5. Enjoy the chat!

Leo Quinones
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One comment on “Paul Stanley Soul Station Interview – Audio Only
  1. Andrew Armstrong says:

    Great interview Leo!!!! As a single child growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania with two working Parents I was pretty lonely.I spent alot of time reading comic books and listening to rock albums to pass My time. I discovered KISS after the release of Destroyer and was blown away! They had costumes and secret identities just like the comics and played loud rock n roll! In My eyes they were the best of both worlds. With the help of My Mother I carefully filled out the the KISS Army form and sent it away in the mail which started a life long love of all things KISS related. Now I am 45 years old and a proud single Parent to a terrific 16 year old Son who has such a passion for great mmusic and rock n roll! And it all started years ago with a lonely kid and a KISS record. Paul Stanley still to this day is My real life super hero but not because of the reasons from when I was a child but because He is a terrific human being that has overcome His obstacles in life and finds ways to inspire Us in His words and music to be the best that We can be and that is what Super Heros are made from. When nobody believed in Me or gave Me words of inspiration as a Kid growing up all I had to do was put on a KISS record and it was Paul’s voice coming out of the speakers telling Me to believe in Myself and I could do anything. I have hung onto those words all of My life and share them now with My Son and in a round about way KISS’s words have helped Me to be the Parent that mine could not be. Thank You Leo for this great interview with Paul. I hope His words and this interview inspires others to believe in themselves and be great at life just like Paul. GREAT interview!!!- Andy.

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